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AR.convert Logo 1.Engage

methodology, services & tooling overview

implementation options

statement of work, time-scales & responsibilities

agreed next steps


AR.c component design

document & deliver prerequisites

AR.c suite installation

AR.c suite configuration


all source locations defined

media location(s) assessed

media “tidy-up”

silent installation capabilities investigated


import source media into AR.c database

silent installer allocation

source media package definition

create packages & allocate to packaging queues


package applications in selected app-v format

drive non-silent installs

complete packages allocated to manual queues

deliver convert output


Convert Services

Standalone Service

Use Cases:

Combination Service

Use Cases:


1---Initial engagement will offer an overview of the AmberReef methodology, services and software. These will cover the options available to the customer for implementing the AR.c suite of software and defining the responsibilities moving forward.

Output: an agreement on the next steps and statement of work 

2--Following the Engagement Overview, AmberReef will deliver a high-level design for any AR.c suite installations along with the prerequisites for each component of the AR.c suite. These prerequisites will define the customers’ responsibilities before installation. AmberReef will follow completion of the prerequisites with installation of the AR.c suite and configuration of all components

Output: installed, configured and tested AR.c suite

3---AmberReef will work with the customer to identify all source locations available for importing by the AR.c console.

If necessary the original source locations will be consolidated into a temporary location to enable ease of import and removal of unnecessary files. AmberReef will also investigate and document silent installation capabilities of the source media.

Output: import ready source media

4---AR.c console will discover all relevant installation media from the agreed source locations and present a best efforts view of the package details. AmberReef will work with the customer to ensure that the information presented is correct and to rectify where appropriate.

Any know silent installer switches, identified during “Source Readiness”, will be applied to the package data. AR.c console will then import the packages into the AR.c database, create appropriate package entries and add packaging items to the AR.c engine package queues

Output: populated AR.c database and packaging queues filled

5--AmberReef will begin the packaging of the applications and manage the AR.c engines consumption of the AR.c packaging queues. Applications with no, or failed, silent installation commands will be shepherded to completion along with any packages that the AR.c engine defines as failed and has allocated to the manual queues.

Output: all packages in App-V format

10 Packages - 20 Minutes
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